Monday, April 12, 2010

Springtime Around the Lake

The Cornell webinar went down nicely. I got to speak a bit on the student experience. My drawing instructor, Marcia, and I were guests in a group of instructors learning how to configure and use the Moodle software interface with their own classes. As a systems analyst/developer, I found the discussion and software interesting--thoughts and implementations that I can bring to my own workgroup.

I think the most important point that I made was in regards to the instructor providing a unique and nurturing experience for each student. That is, facing the difficulty of student and instructor realistically feeling and understanding each other with most of our human points of exchange missing (e.g. facial expression, tone and hesitancy of voice, posture...), and all the while keeping the balance of praising work and simultaneously providing challenge. Tough enough in person...

I'm making a little change around here. I've been of the habit to have a post prepared sometime into the evening and schedule it to appear on the next day. Also, FeedBurner email delivery was scheduled to deliver around 9 AM. Instead, I will now let posts appear as they are created. FeedBurner will now deliver around 3 AM local time (EST, -5:00 GMT). Personally, I'd rather have FeedBurner keep an eye out for new work and immediately send it out but this industrious little software needs to work on a schedule.

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