Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Colored Celtic Cat

One thing led to another and three hours later... I tried grounding my palette by mixing most paints with Yellow Ochre and even using it as a pale wash over other colors. That's probably all for this piece--it is really an experiment with knots with stops and ends, as well as a watercolor exercise. I have an idea of using this border style with an illuminated letter and a bit of calligraphy, something with a cat quote. But for now, I will most likely poke around with a selection from The Celtic Design Book by Aidan Meehan.


  1. oooooh

    The gold is a wonderful colour especially containing the variegation. And the sandy ochres suit the cat very well. Do you know the rhyme about Pangur Ban and his monk?

    How annoying about the corners, I must be remembering it from another book. I still haven't got the gothic majuscules sheet finished but have noted 'celtic corners' as another area needing to be addressed.

    Hope you are feeling very pleased with your beautiful result. The holes are suggestive now. I wonder about a mouse peering out of one of them.

  2. So in peace our tasks we ply,
    Pangur Ban, my cat, and I;
    In our arts we find our bliss,
    I have mine and he has his.

    It's so lovely that I must post the entirety soon.

    I know! I felt the same way about the holes. Your idea for mice is purrfect! ;-)

  3. Thanks, Joyce! I'll get back to plants one of these days... :-)

  4. Amazing how the addition of color can take an already impressive piece and make it pop! I am a big fan of yellow ochre- it's like adding warm sunshine. I find different manufactures/brands are all a little bit different, and just like gold gouache, I keep a variety of brands on hand. I love Katherine's suggestion of a little mouse peeking from one of the holes!

  5. That pigment really surprised me as out of the tube it felt kind of blah. But what wonderfully glowing golds came through! I've just been reading up about various brands on Bruce MacAvoy's incredibly rich Perhaps I'll try a tube of M. Graham as you've piqued my interest in that brand.

    A mouse, eh? I'll have to poke around a bit on that. :-)