Friday, April 16, 2010

A Closeup on Pens

Here are some closeups of the Rotring 1.9 and the Speedball C-4. That's the Rotring on the left.

The Rotring has a thicker nib and rounds over the top for smooth upstrokes. (This shot is straight on and it may be a bit hard to discern the very tip of the nibs. Do click on the picture for a better view.)

The Rotring has one supply slot while the C-4 has two.

And if you're new to calligraphy, as I am, be sure to check out yesterday's comments--Gretchen and Katharine give out many, many great tips!


  1. John! the accent needs a slight northern nuance with the hard "a"s, but otherwise isnt bad :)
    A gracious and understated but heartfelt British thank you!

  2. My pleasure, Val. And, I'll work on my "a"s. ;-)