Friday, April 30, 2010

Mixing Exercise 14

Exercise 14 - Grays and neutrals from yellow and violet with orange-yellow and mixed bright violet. Cadmium Yellow, French Ultramarine, and Permanent Rose.

This is my first three pigment mixing exercise. Firstly, I've learned to tuck aside enough starter mix for each column. Towards the end I ran a bit shy and had to start with a less that fully saturated mix. I like the browns, especially when they turn slightly violet.

These exercises are leaving their mark on me. I'm beginning to categorize colors--this red is leaning towards orange, that green is leaning towards yellow, that gray is mildly saturated blue... Sometimes I just stop and gaze at the foliage...

I particularly enjoyed the results on my mixing palette although I'm really not capturing in this image the lovely range of colors. This example got me thinking of perhaps how to establish a working palette for a real painting.

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