Monday, April 19, 2010

Flowering Quince and Other Stuff

Just to mix things up a bit. After all, just how many boxes of color can one look at?

The quince flowers began breaking buds last week and are now in full bloom.

Yesterday I headed back to Pier 1 Imports for a couple of these very cool six inch porcelain plates. I'd noticed them a few weeks back but didn't realize at the time just how useful they could become as palettes. Only three bucks each!

And a major discovery this weekend when I finally diagnosed this poor ivy as ridden with spider mites. It's been dropping leaves like crazy (it was so bushy...) and I'm hoping that a good soap and water spraying will stop those bugs in their tracks. I'll keep spraying as I've read there could be eggs hatching soon.

And if that wasn't enough, there was that lovely lunch with that lovelier lady. And then today brunch out with a friend. I never want to go back to work. Alas, tomorrow I will...

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