Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Couple of Birds

Well, I'm really not sure what kind of birds these are...

But I do want to get in some nice lively colors, nice and intense...


  1. Obviously 'turtle' doves! - Joyce

  2. This will look great in color!
    Enjoyed yesterday's photos; amazing how much "further along" you are into spring than we are up here in the Upper Valley. I noticed trilliums in the woods over the weekend but they are not yet in blossom. We do have May flowers/trailing arbutus blossoming, though! I have already found masses of wood frog eggs in the vernal pools, but I think I have missed any chances of seeing spotted salamanders this year. So good to see the sparkling waters of the lake again!

  3. They do look like turtle dove's, don't they? Why I'm confused is that often the birds are described as pheasants or peacocks or whatever, even when they really don't look like them! :-)

  4. Well, they might look good in color. ;-) I botched the thing up last night with, well a bit of a mess of color. I'm hoping to get myself out of this. But now worries, I can always start over. :-)

    I'm on the vernal pool Yahoo group and Massachusetts folks were bringing in reports starting recently, during the heavy rains. Groups of locals form to guard over road crossing frogs and salamanders.

    Wow, here you are into your second year! It's so nice to have you here. :-)