Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mixing Exercise 13

Exercise 13 - Bright oranges with orange-yellow and orange-red. Cadmium Yellow and Cadmium Scarlet.

Nice clean, bright oranges, eh? Of course, the same principle we use here applied when mixing bright violets and bright greens. Start with pigments leaning towards the target color and it'll come up quite pure. Want less saturated secondaries? Use one or both pigments leaning away from the target color.

I still had a bit of trouble making progressive mixes but taking my time and adding just a bit at a time helped somewhat. Maybe this is all just a matter of practice...

Next up is a series of mixes with three pigments. (There's still a two pigment exercise coming up--that is, once the pthalo blue arrives.) I'll be using two primaries to make a secondary and then mixing that with its complement. Now how cool is that? :-)

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