Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mixing Exercise 9

Exercise 9 - Finding a little extra green with green-yellow and green-blue. Winsor Lemon and Winsor Blue GS.

Holy guacamole! This blue is intense! Thanks go to Gretchen and Katharine for encouraging me to give this pigment a try. :-)

Tomorrow will bring the first of the three pigment mixes.


  1. Told you! A little goes a LONG way! And don't forget to try some mixed with your earthier colors like yellow ochre, the siennas and umbers- here's where I think it becomes invaluable as the range of neutrals it is capable of is so vast and very beautiful. Strange how such a bright and powerful pigment can give you such gentle colors.

  2. And the scan didn't do it justice--the straight blue was so intense here. I am looking forward to earth mixes. I see there are one or two in the coming exercises but I will have to spend some time with this color. And here I thought I had entered into some simple exercises, but now I am finding out just how much one can learn from dedicated mixing exercises. So cool. Thanks again for the pointer. :-)