Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mixing Exercise 10

Exercise 10 - Grayed oranges with green-yellow and violet-red. Winsor Lemon and Permanent Rose.

Well. I know this is supposed to be a grayed oranges exercise but, really, they sure look bright enough to me. Okay, so maybe the bright series will be brilliant oranges. I tripped a bit between columns three and four, as I probably could have squeezed in a couple more mixes, but these pigments were so lively.

Perhaps one must also take into account the tonal ranges of the pigments. Lighter must translate a bit to brighter. Ah, to properly account for the pigment and resulting mix properties of hue, chroma, and value. More to keep in mind.

I'm off for special binders with transparent sleeves to keep my work clean and in order. I can appreciate as I parse through my exercises how my nuanced mixes have improved. I made a change today that helped by switching from my Raphael 8408 #6 to a #3. I'm finding that the 3 holds a load that more closely fits with a square meaning less wicking off and more control. But, I do love the 6--it actually seems to tip off better than the 3. I guess each brush is truly unique.

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