Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mixing Exercise 6

Exercise 6 - Mid-intensity greens with green-yellow and violet-blue. Winsor Lemon and French Ultramarine.

I feel like I'm gaining a gentleness about mixing--using less paint, less water, unloading the brush on my towel as needed. I am beginning to feel how little of a mixed in pigment is needed to make a change.

I'm seeing color. Sometimes I see ultramarine or cerulean or something close to that. But what I am most noticing is that there are so many colors. Subtle differences are coming to life for me. Just barely registering is the thought that I may try to replicate these nuanced tonal hues.


  1. As you move through this exercise of making color charts, I believe you will instinctively be drawn to certain mixtures- and these will form the foundation for what eventually becomes your own individual "personal palette". There are artists who I admire who's work I can identify by their colors alone! But never stop experimenting with mixing- you will also find that over the coming years that your "palette" will keep evolving. That's part of the fun, challenge and inspiration of it all!
    ~ gretchen

  2. Thanks for this, Gretchen. Your vision and advice here has really got me thinking. As a beginner, I do get caught up in goal, rather that process, thinking.

  3. What a lot of lovely, rich, delicate colours! John, there is a huge difference between the feel of your first chart and the last one here with the clearer greens. Seems as though your brushwork and mixing have got far more assured in that time.

    I love this book for the fundamental command it gives one over colour mixing. It takes the mystery out of it. Seeing the charts laid out makes me too think of all the wonderful things that could be painted in that range ... the last ones look very July with those brilliant yellows and heavy, almost oily greens against the powerful blue.

    I am catching up with many posts after catching a train to Geneva for a painting project. (Several flight cancellations later.) Internet access intermittent but I shall be having a look when I can.

    I do like your coloured lettering for the names!


  4. Hi Katharine! I do hope your travel conditions smooth out! Ah well, perhaps you must go slowly and that's certainly a good thing, isn't it? :-)

    Thanks for noticing my progress. Yes, I can see and feel it. These exercises are good for me on so many levels. I continue to be amazed at how many colors can be uncovered with only two pigments. Amazed...