Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Border Continued

I built upon yesterday's border, learning how to add breaks and ends. I spent hours last night trying to come up with a weaved corner but just couldn't get there on my own and didn't find any examples. I'd been hoping to do up a zoomorphic cat and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Ain't he cute? :-) It's a trace job, not my own design.

Everything here is lined with the Pigma Micron so I'll have no trouble with watercolor washes. Not sure yet how the color will play out. I have to consider this a test piece as the previous border is on the same page. This could be an interesting piece if it was designed out properly with illuminated letters and calligraphy. Lots of possibilities here...


  1. It's those possibilities that feed our inspiration and creativity.
    This piece looks great!

  2. Gretchen's right!

    How to construct corner weaves is a trickier subject than the straight weave. Do Bain and Meehan not cover it at all? Corners are different depending on the number of cords. I like your solution and he is a splendid cat. Reminds me of the Kells cat crouched for the mouse.

    Looking forward to your colour.

    And I appreciate how long it took to draw all those lines! The rounded corners on the bottom of the top border look particularly polished.

  3. Oh thank you, Gretchen! I am having so much fun here. I could do this all day long...

  4. Katharine, I didn't find anything close to my weave within Bain. Meehan just arrived (minutes ago!) and I don't see anything there either. I do love the format of the Meehan book, done up in calligraphic hand(s) and all those detailed instructions.

    I am trying diligently to loosen my hand, trusting that I won't go staggering about the page. That is so hard for me, letting go and loosening my grip on the pen.

    I took this cat from the bottom of a border from the Lindisfarne Gospels. Well, at least that is what The Illuminated Alphabet says about the source. :-)

    I will work some color on the cat this evening. For the weave, I may wait on the Titanium White, due in later this week.