Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wood Frog

My first Wood Frog! I've seen pictures so when I saw this little one take a leap to the side of the rock, I stopped the lawn mover and ran for the camera. I couldn't believe it was still there when I returned but became absolutely stunned when it let me get within two feet!

The first photo was taken right behind the mower, just where I left it when I ran for the camera. See it in the center of the photo?

There's also a Flash gallery with large hi-res images here:


  1. Wonderful photos; it looks like there is a bit of water in the upper right hand corner of the top photo- is that a vernal pool and if so, have you seen any wood frog tadpoles in it?
    ~ gretchen

  2. I have been looking but not finding any egg masses, although I am certainly not up on all this. I have been wondering if this bit of water qualifies as a vernal pool. It does sometimes dry out fully in the summertime but for most of the year contains water. It is an isolated body by virtue of my dirt road cutting it off from the main swamp that borders the lake's edge.

    I have a wonderful book on vernal pools and probably need to do a bit of research. Wonder if you have any thoughts or pointers on all this?