Thursday, May 19, 2011

Timothy Steps In

My sketches have been slightly to widely off mark but I am having a good time.

In the interest of full disclosure though, I must present the real deal. Here is Timothy on one of his favorite haunts. He absolutely loves hanging out on my keys.


  1. Oh he's beautiful!! Thanks so much for finally letting us see him; his presence here on Nuncketest is most welcome any time (hint hint!).
    Do not stress over any wonkiness of these drawings of him- remember, the joy is in the process; and I find when I sketch like this this ( for the pure joy of it ) that somehow I capture the true spirit of my subject with more depth than a finished piece over which I have labored towards perfection.
    I do hope you continue with these studies of Mr. Timothy!
    ~ gretchen

  2. He is such a wonderful cat. He's laying by my side right now. Timothy did make an appearance a couple of years ago.

    More to come! :-)