Monday, May 30, 2011

Around the Yard

I got out today for a short walk lakeside, but these photos were about the yard. Here is the southern edge of the Hockomock Preserve. The swamps have been draining, common for this time year.

The cinnamon ferns are growing madly, lending a prehistoric aura to the forest floor.

This year there are nearly as many chipmunks as mosquitos! Squeaks and squeals abound as these little ones run about... everywhere.


  1. Not nearly as many chippies there are black flies and ticks I'm afraid- my walks have been unbearable of late with all the bugs!! I do wear netting but it is sometimes just as annoying as the bugs themselves! Can't believe how fast everything is growing- I am sure we have caught up to you now. Found my first lady slipper of the season today!
    ~ gretchen

  2. I fear the anticipation of Sprint/Summer brings more pleasure than the actual event. Here the weather has gone from cold and rainy to plain old hot. I've had the a/c on twice already!

    Gretchen, chipmunks are everywhere! I've never seen anything like this, and the way they are behaving seems like courting. More on the way? :-)

  3. That cinnamon fern is a handsome thing, as are most of the group. I think they are one of Nature's great design successes.
    It's good to know that about the black flies and mosquitoes in Spring in MA....might be useful when planning our next trip to New England! I gave up going to Scotland in summer for the same reason.Not something we suffer from here- I guess there's not enough standing water.

  4. Indeed, considering their longevity. I recently came across a small frond pressed in a moleskine with the spores all laid out in a leafy pattern,

    The black flies are more of an "up north" kind of thing, more in Gretchen's neck of the woods than down this way.