Saturday, May 14, 2011


Documentation on my upcoming workshops arrived this week. I need to have a subject for the egg tempera workshop, preferably a good photo. I'm thinking of using dandelion so today I began photographing and taking samples to press.

I weeded around this plant and isolated with printmaking paper. I envision portraying the flower in all its states and was lucky to find this plant posing so well. It's a a start.

Someone was keeping an eye on me...

I wondered about the life cycle of the flower and found this very cool time lapse movie filmed by Neil Bromhall.

By the way, Blogger tweeted at 8 pm that they are still restoring. Hopefully, some missing comments will make their way back.


  1. Your photo already looks like a painting- it reminds me of Albrecht Durer's "A Great Piece of Turf". This will look amazing in egg tempera!
    ~ gretchen

  2. Same here! It does have that "look".