Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sacred Geometry

I'm exploring a bit of scared geometry as I ready for my upcoming workshops.

This first example is easily assembled with a compass. My thoughts are to create a colored version, either in watercolor or egg tempera.

Flower of Life

Here's a simple sketch for a possible painting for my upcoming egg tempera workshop. I'll be firming this up soon.

Vesica Piscis


  1. Must admit that I had to google "vesica piscis" but now I understand how it relates to 'sacred geometry'. Do I detect a miniature landscape as seen through a vesica shaped window in a stone/brick wall in this second sketch?
    ~ gretchen

  2. You have a discerning eye! I am pulling together little sketches and mulling this all over. I need a subject for my week of egg tempera. We are supposed to work from photographs but all I may have is sketches and imagination!

    I am thinking of blocks and window border with ivy growing around and falling in. Birds circling above in blue skies with perhaps a few clouds.

    In my wildest imaginings, I have lamps on the stone wall throwing golden directional light with highlights and shadows on the spaces between the blocks.