Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In Need Of An ID

I've been unable to draw an ID here. It grows in a localized patch, about 4 x 10 feet on the road's edge of a huge field. 2 to 2.5 feet tall. The field is used each summer for English saddle competitions with folks coming in from all over New England.

I'll keep poking about but I wonder if anyone knows what we have here?


  1. Pretty, is it Common Vetch? Vicia sativa, does that grow around here? It's in the pea family. http://www.english-country-garden.com/a/i/flowers/common-vetch-3.jpg - Joyce

  2. Thanks, Joyce. I'm looking at the vetches but the leaf pattern, although close, doesn't seem to match any species. Also, I did not find any tendrils.

    I have a cow vetch post (see the index) from a couple of years ago.

    Gretchen, any thoughts?

  3. Actually the very first thing I thought of was vetch as well- but when I researched further, I came to the conclusion of: nope!
    ~ gretchen

  4. Thanks, Gretchen. I'm headed out now for more pictures. Don't know if it'll help...

  5. It's alfalfa. Some with seeds probably went through the horse undigested.....

  6. Thank you! :-)

    See the June 2 post for a giggle. :-)