Sunday, May 15, 2011


I first came across Starflower, Trientalis borealis, two years ago. It reminds me of poinsettia. This is a plant of sevens--leaves, sepals, and petals.

I don't think I've ever mentioned taxonomic family when describing plants although some reader comments have made mention. Here's my first! The family Primulaceae, or Primrose. I ran across this useful taxonomic system website that will help me get oriented.

Found on woodland's edge just up the road from the Wood Anemone.

It's once again that time...

A small family on the lake.

A larger (ten goslings!) family across the cove.


  1. We have so much catching up to do with Spring up here!
    Not sure if this has come up in past posts/comments but while trying to ID a flower I found on Friday's walk ("Goldthread"), I stumbled across the following in Mary Holland's book "Naturally Curious"; she notes that one way to help ID a flower is that if the petals are 4 in number and in the shape of a cross, most likely it is in the mustard family (page 91). So simple but so helpful. Mary is being interviewed tonight on our Vermont Public Television- I am very eager to watch it!
    ~ gretchen

  2. Mike had mentioned back on April 27th that I should look for four petals, probably a Mustard. Thanks for the page reference! I'm still only in April! (I must get with the month...)

    Wow, sounds like a great interview.

    Down this way it has been rain and more rain with the forecast calling for the same all week. Cold too.