Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Watery Motif

Sometimes I must indulge in just a mixed and varied set of photos that capture the pleasurable sights as I wander around the lake. My weekend wandering activity is becoming a set part of my life and I'm loving it.

This weekend is to be cold but I will soon bundle up and make my rounds. I'll be dodging rain showers today but with some sun tomorrow. Now adding to my kit will be plastic bags for samples and preprinted blogs addresses for the curious.

But for now, from last weekend's adventures...

No ID yet on this water plant but I'll be watching it as this season matures.

This graceful pair of Canada Gesse were on their way to join a flock on the shoreline.

Here's an inlet we looked at a while ago. I'm becoming more and more moss aware. The stuff really is all over the place.

This sentinel heralded my arrival to the inlet above.

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