Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Although this beautiful creature has been frequenting my yard for some time, I have managed to see only a blur as I blunder into its space. Yesterday's rain kept me under cover and provided the long-awaited opportunity.

Although around here they're commonly know as rabbits or bunnies, its formal name is the Eastern Cottontail, Sylvilagus floridanus.

I'm really excited to be able to change pace by moving into the animal kingdom. And it's not over yet! Tomorrow's post, although a bit off in quality, will hopefully prove most interesting. I know it blew me away!

Sometimes I begin to wonder where the next new material will come from. Will the supply run dry? I'm slowly coming to believe that that just cannot happen. The more I get out and simply look around, the more incredible diversity that opens up before me. For instance, I have posts stubbed in for the rest of the week and there's still material backed up for research and processing. Now that's job security! :-)

p.s. Here's how I usually see my little friend--no fur, just blur!


  1. When I first started keeping my nature journals 5 years ago, I used to wonder if I would run out of things to record as well, especially when I filled one volume and then faced the blank first page of the next one. Let me just say (as I am into my 16th volume) that I haven't run out yet and am still learning and seeing. I have a quote by da Vinci written in my 5th journal that I will email you as I can't fit it in here. Check your emails later and look for "da vinci quote" as the subject line. ttyl, ~ gretchen

  2. I've been under the intent to go all the way around a year. Then I thought perhaps two would be a 'more complete' picture. Then I wondered if my attention would wander. And then I realized that I was already five months deep. What does it mean? Maybe that I've found a new way of life, that it's here to stay? All I know is that each day I'm driven to see and learn more. Right now there's this group of ferns that I need to see so badly--I don't want to miss their development.

  3. Gretchen, the quote you sent along is lovely.

    I will include it in an upcoming post.