Monday, April 27, 2009


Here is Fetterbush, Leucothoe racemosa, also for good reason named Dog Hobble. Yep, you guessed right. Chomping down just a few leaves will leave a dog, cat, or horse in all kinds of trouble.

I find it odd to irritating how often I am presented with only the showy flowers--especially on the web, but there are many 'plant guides' that follow this religion--for a plant or tree. (I've held back on my rant for as long as I can!) See, this bush is known for its rows of little white bell-shaped flowers. But what I find equally beautiful is this early growth of flower buds.

And just as much so the remains of last year's fruit.

Here's a view of all the action going on now. No leaves. No flowers. Absolutely beautiful! :-)

Getting bird shots is an interesting challenge. I've never had a shrub suddenly tear loose from the earth and go flying across the lake. And it's a good thing too, or we'd be looking at weekly-only posts. That's why I am so stunned and pleased with today's shooting. I have three brand new and terribly fascinating bird entries coming up after a few scheduled posts go by. This time I think I have my identifications down pat. In fact, I'm quite confident that I have the real Mockingbird! Yes! No impostor will sneak by me this time! :-) The other two? You'll just have to wait and see. They're awfully cool too!


  1. Fetterbush! Now that's a new one for me- I've never even heard of it let alone have ever seen it ( we do have an abundance of hobblebush viburnum, though I'm not sure it is of the same family). Fetterbush is not this far north, as far as I know. I'm anxious to see the flowers; that being said, I TOTALLY agree with you about field guides only showing the plant in its full bloom glory- drives me nuts- I have spent hours (days, weeks and months!) trying to ID things because of this. Like you, I find all stages of the plants appearance to be beautiful and worthy of note and photographing.
    Can't wait to see the upcoming bird posts!

  2. When I first heard, and then finally spied, the Mockingbird, I thought of you! :-)