Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birds and Such

First a bit of news. Nuncketest was recently accepted into the Nature Blog Network. I think this will be a good conduit for exposing the blog to more folks as well as creating awareness of other similar blogs for my way cool readers.

This Red-tailed Hawk was riding the air currents way, way above.

The bird, species unknown, who built this nest was certainly into recycling.

Here's a top down shot. Nope, no eggs.

And what is Spring with a Robin? Well, I'm really not sure, as I've seen a few robins around all winter long and I did spot a field full of them on a recent lake shoot. Some sources say the American Robin, Turdus migratorius, tends to hang in large groups during the winter months while others describe migratory behavior. As always here, more questions than answers, but the simple observations and what they lead to are always so much fun!


  1. Congratulations on your acceptance into the Nature Blog Network-I hope it brings lots of new readers here to Nuncketest!
    We are finally seeing some signs of spring up here so I can begin to compare "notes". Yesterday I saw our great blue heron for the first time this season. He likes to hang out in our shallow cove which is now open, although the lake itself remains frozen. Today I spotted two mourning cloak butterflies ( I believe they actually hibernate; one of the few types that does this) . I tried to photo them in flight as they were fluttering around me, but all I really succeeded in doing was entertaining a passerby who witnessed me wildly spinning around aiming my camera at what looked to be nothing, at least from their vantage point! Ah, well!
    Did your F. Schuyler Mathews field guide come yet? Hope so and that you will find it to be a useful addition to your library. ~ gretchen

  2. Hi Gretchen!

    I'm enjoying the field guide. The line drawings are awesome and I'm sure I can put them to use once things take off around here. For now, it's a great read just to open it to any page. Also, I think that I can imprint some drawings in my mind so that I'll have some reference come summer.

    That's a funny picture you paint with the camera. I'm sure I look the same way around here--camera straight up in the air with nothing apparent in site, or down on the ground with the lens almost in the dirt.

    Nice to hear Spring coming your way. I'm still waiting for the swamp maples to flower out. I'm guessing this weekend when the weather clears and warms up.

    Interesting butterflies. I'd never have imagined hibernating butterflies and I guess it's possible to see them around here too. I'll have to pay more attention...