Saturday, April 4, 2009

Maple Buds Are Blossoming

The cool, windy, rainy weather continues and is perhaps responsible for the slow blossoming of the maple buds. It could also be that I've never before paid such attention and that this is normal behavior.

Whatever, here are the first shots. In this sample, I notice that blossoms are most developed furthest from the twig tip. The shots are ordered from the tip on down.


  1. Lovely shots-isn't it amazing how our cameras make us really "see"? Last night I saw a spotted salamander on our walkway, while I was out walking the dog at 10:30 before bed. I was able to get a few photos and a tiny video before it wandered off in search of its vernal pool. I have only ever seen two others, and both were within feet of where I saw this one, and always headed in the same direction! Their spot patterns do not match up ( I compared my photos in past journals) so I assume they are three separate individuals. I really feel like spring is beginning now. I will have to start stalking my favorite vernal pools to check for wood frog and salamander eggs- although I cannot yet tell them apart when I do find them!

  2. Gretchen, you have many fascinating stories. Your journals must be so interesting. What formats/medias do you use?

    My blog is kindling so many interests and seeing is certainly a skill that is developing. Discovering never before encountered species is so exciting, although the ID process is sometimes lengthy. I have a few cool new specimens from today's adventure.

    I think there is a protected vernal pool towards the back of the lake. I've been meaning to ask the locals--maybe tomorrow...