Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yellow and Brown

I have found only one vine of Horse-nettle, Solanun carolinense. The fruit, although only a third of inch in diameter, has a shape reminiscent of tomato. Makes sense, as a member of the Nightshade family.

This has been one of those discoveries that hang around here for some time waiting for a good ID. Once again my trusty Guide to Wildflowers in Winter comes through. In fact, the other night I used it to make three identifications, two of them in this post!

Here's the fruit of the Moth-mullein, Verbascum blattaria. This specimen is the second and last year of this biennial. Closely related to the Common Mullein, this plant has some really beautiful flowers. I'll be on the lookout as the warmer seasons come in.

Let's get a bit more color in this post! I'd placed those female swamp maple blossoms in a glass or water. They must have been fertilized as they're now spinning off some samaras. How cool is that!

And just for a little fun, I'm playing with my watercolor plugin again.

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