Thursday, April 30, 2009

Northern Mockingbird

I knew I was hearing a Mockingbird--countless song imitations one after another. A few years back they used to hang out down the bottom of the hill from where this one was singing. Finally, I caught a glimpse and went totally frustrated trying to get off a shot. Then my friend flies up on a pole in the middle of an old parking lot, completely exposed, and starts singing away!

Here's my friend getting started...

And now really belting it out!

Then it's across the street for some cat and mouse in the trees...

And finally a bit of acrobatics...

Now, that's a real Mockingbird! A Northern Mockingbird, Mimus polyglottos. Amazingly, lots of folks ask for recommendations on how to rid themselves of their noisy neighbor. I'd love to have a few around!


  1. As I was reading down this post I said to myself "Now THAT'S a mockingbird!" only to read your almost exact words under the last photo!
    Great captures; I love the one where he's really singing his little heart out!

  2. Isn't he just too much? I couldn't get over him just singing away, seemingly for me! I wish I had a video of that...