Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Technology Update

Lately one thing leads to another, especially when it's technology related.

With the arrival of the Macs, wireless connections became unreliable. The new Airport Extreme has completely eliminated any connection issues. This router has a USB port that accepts external drive and printers--multiple devices with a USB hub.

The 2TB external drive hanging off the iMac seemed a good candidate for network sharing. Only thing is that once on the router, it disappeared. Turns out it needed reformatting from NTFS to Mac. Now all is well.

So after a few bumps, I have a very cool setup taking shape here.

Also this weekend I contracted with BlueHost for web hosting. I'm experimenting with Wordpress, planning for an eventual conversion from Blogger as well as adding on various online visual galleries and more. Exciting stuff to come!


  1. I have never regretted moving from Blogger to Wordpress, (it was very easy to move the blog over,) and if you are going the hosting route, you will have infinite options within the Wordpress stable too.If I understood more about hosting I might think about it, but the free service suits me fine at the moment. I am covetous of your Apple set up, but we are a dyed-in-the-wool Microsoft house here.

  2. I am so not understanding any of this- but I am happy to know that things are now working smoothly for you. Sounds like we will have some new things to enjoy here on Nuncketest!

  3. Hey thanks Gretchen! The bottom line is that technology initially nips a bit but turns out quite tame and friendly.

    I have had in mind for a long time the wish to expand beyond the blog and into photo galleries and possibly more in depth articles. Maybe more movies too. The eventual move to a hosted platform will ease those thoughts to fruition. It may take time. Actually, I am ahead of schedule, originally planning this only after more time frees up for me. Just simply cannot wait! :-)

  4. Judith, this afternoon I found a plugin that handles bringing the image files over. That was the part that had been bugging me. I'll be getting into some testing soon on the whole migration.

    I've been Microsoft since DOS and so far can find no reason to go back. Of course, a 27" screen is awfully nice. And the MAcAir boots in seconds. The router with networked drives is so over the top. Heavenly!

  5. Hey John,

    Bluehost is very good - excellent support. I use it for my web site hosting. WP is easy to set up and has tons of free templates.

    - DG

  6. Hi DG,

    Ya, I'm having a good time with Bluehost. Importing the blog over to WP just fine.