Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Bit of Graphite

It's good to get back to pencil. Practicing line and form is so relaxing. No worries about outcome. Just a simple exercise that if I could get to everyday would return so very much, I'm sure.


  1. Yup, sometimes simple is the best; I too find simple pencil sketching so relaxing but never seem to sit down to do it; I thought maybe if I kept a small moleskine sketchbook in my bag and took it with me everywhere, that I might develop a routine but sadly, no- inside all you will find are some grocery lists!
    There is a woman who lives local to me who is THE most amazing and dedicated sketch book artist; her blog is pure delight with all her whimsical drawings many of which depict my town and all I hold dear. If I am not mistaken, Threadspider visited my area last autumn, so many of these NH scenes may be familiar to you too! Sue Anne Bottomley sketches with complete and joyful abandon; her free-form line work and kooky perspective always perfectly captures the energy and life of her subject matter.
    check SueAnne's sketches/blog out here:


    (check out her skating scene- it is the same scene I depicted a few years back on my "winter" card!)
    ~ gretchen

  2. Thanks! I love that blog. It's now added to my reader, bringing me up to 84 subscriptions!

    That has to be a fun feeling, artists sharing the same image. Cool.

  3. I didn't know Sue Anne Bottomley's blog at all Gretchen-but I have added her to my Reader now. Thank you.