Sunday, February 20, 2011

Garlic Sprout

A while back I picked up a color range of Stonehenge paper. I find this to be a particularly attractive color. I recently planted a sprouting clove of garlic and it's taking very well to its pot. I experimented with gray to bring in shadows. Also am learning to apply pigment in a gradual fashion--I'd been rather heavy handed, it seems.


  1. Love the gentle twist of the stalk/leaves and the sliver of yellow on the left one- I can feel the light shining through the thinness of that one spot. I've always been attracted to sketches left in their early stages like this with just a blush of color and still unfinished pencil work clearly visible.

  2. I get amazed at how little color can be applied with a stroke of a pencil, how it allows for mixing. I find it difficult with a small subject, like I need more room to move around. The 'sprout' has rocketed up in the past twelve hours! Nice to have a little fresh green around... It's snowing again...