Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday I spent a good deal of time viewing Photoshop tutorials on the Adobe site. All too often Lightroom became part of the workflow. Lightroom uses the same Adobe Camera Raw engine as Bridge but wraps a useful interface around it--to me, much more appealing than Bridge. Additionally, Lightroom has a very cool database engine for cataloging and speedy sorting.

So... this evening I downloaded a 30-day evaluation and I'll try to learn enough to decide whether or not to bring it on board here. Actually, I'll probably simply be trying to find reasons why not to go with it. I already like it.

The videos of Julieanne Kost are leading me to think differently about direction while processing. For instance, it had never occurred to me to use less than the full available tonal range.


  1. I am out of my photoshop 'element' here- pun intended- as know next to nothing about post processing, but I do know a beautiful photo when I see it and this is one. well done!
    ~ gretchen

  2. Thanks, Gretchen. I love fog. With any luck, some may come my way this weekend.

    Heehee! :-) element...

  3. It is a stunning image. I know very little about photo processing too-I leave that to my other half who is a very keen photographer (who uses Lightroom), but I feel sure you will love it from what I have read here.

  4. Thanks, Judith. Ya, I'm looking forward to using Lightroom to categorize my thousands of existing stock and build galleries too. Gonna be fun, albeit time consuming up front.