Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Bunny's Okay

Late yesterday afternoon while wrapping up an extended day of shoveling the roof and deck, I noticed a Cottontail nestled under the Flowering Quince. It's a rather high traffic area and it wouldn't give up its post, leading me to think the poor thing was ill. I worried about it last night and upon checking this morning I found evidence of nesting behavior. Loads of pellets all around the quince! Home is where you make it! :-)

I'm staggering around in Lightroom, sorely in need of tutorials, but I do learn best with a combination of experimentation followed by hitting the books. These shots were out in the yard with no window to soften clarity and contrast as it often does.


  1. So glad the bunny is OK; lovely bird portraits, too; love the expression on the center puff ball!

  2. I feel for the ground bound critters... Deep snow... At least at times it's hard-topped. When it's not, they have a difficult time running. Easy pickings for the hawks.