Saturday, February 19, 2011

Aloe in Colored Pencil

For something different I tried colored pencil on black Stonehenge paper. I picked up a new aloe plant while stocking up on sunflower seed. I had difficulty with the prickly tips--the points on my Polychromos pencils kept crumbling.


  1. Crumbling pencil points or not, you definitely captured the prickley texture of the aloe's edges as well as the gentle concave nature of the stalk; this is looking really good! Isn't it fun to work on colored papers once in a while?

  2. It was definitely interesting working on a colored support--surprising how much pencil needs to be applied to mask the black. Been reading that Prismacolor VeriThins keep a hard point, useful for tight edges. Perhaps I'll pick up a few with my next dickblick order.