Monday, February 14, 2011

Italian Pepper

Another quick sketch from the refrigerator. These fast moving pieces fit in well at this time but it will soon be time to try something with more detail, and color.

I have line on a local framer and hope to talk with her tomorrow about framing the rosemary painting. This weekend I was shown what works and what doesn't when exhibiting in the botanical scene.

Something interesting that I have been meaning to mention... Whenever I post one of these pencil sketches, I immediately see form and shadow I missed when behind the pencil. It's like as soon as it hits the screen it becomes obvious.


  1. A couple of things John-when you say quick, how long are you spending on a study like this? I could play for an evening producing this.And yes, the screen shows up all manner of good and bad points when you see your work there.
    Good luck with the framer-it's all very exciting.

  2. Seeing it on the screen is much like looking at your work in a mirror or even upside down (two things I do often during the drawing/painting/creating process)- it allows you to see it with fresh eyes; sometimes just taking a digital photo and seeing it smaller on your camera will have the same effect.
    And I agree with threadspider- your "quick' sketches look anything but- and I totally mean that as a compliment!

  3. I think somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half? Oh, and I cheat! :-) With each of these recent sketches I have drawn an outline of the object on the page as a starting point. I have so much trouble establishing the outline and I've been kinda rushed for time lately.

    I hope to see the framer on Friday. Dang, I forgot to call today! It's been a long workday...

  4. See, I have to remember to try the upside down thing. Thanks for reminding me, Gretchen!

    This pepper was a real loose exercise by using the sides of pencils or quite unsharpened points.

    I'm concentrating on the folds as they seem to add interest and realism, working with the form. (Like with the orange, little blemishes added that certain something...)