Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In Between Storms

Five inches from the first storm have been thrown with varying levels of success over my mountains of snow. Next storm comes in early morning.

I'm nursing a nasty cold so between shoveling and snoozing, I'm sitting up in bed with the Mac Air just cruisin' the web. I tripped over the Google Art Project. This Smithsonian article provides interesting background. Google and Adobe, my heroes in the computing world.


  1. Stay warm and cozy and feel better soon!

  2. I echo that. Seems like you are having a rough spell with the weather and now a cold to add to the mix. Take care John.
    I have been loving the bird pictures. Keep them coming when you can.

  3. Thanks, Gretchen. I see you are getting a ton of snow today. Take care up there!

  4. Thank you, Judith. Just shoveled up a sloppy mess (rain on snow) and now it's back to bed.

    Good idea! If the little ones cooperate, birds pics later today! :-)