Friday, February 18, 2011

Bridgewater Art and Custom Framing

This morning I cleaned up the rosemary painting--erasing pencil and scraping out little spots of paint, and probably cat food. I drew in a guide line and signed my work. Packaged it up as best I could.

I couldn't help but sport a huge smile all the way to Bridgewater Art and Custom Framing. I walked in to jazz in the background and a fine welcome from proprietor Candance Cotterman. She walked me through the selection process, limited by botanical presentation standards. I selected a rather plain gold frame with a slightly off white mat. I'll be getting a call for pickup sometime next week.

It's hard to describe my over the top feeling. My first professional framing for my first show participation. Wow! :-)


  1. Here's to you and the painting-raises coffee cup instead of champagne. (Well it is Saturday morning here and a bit early for alcohol.. :>) )

  2. Thans, Judith! (While hoisting a cup of coffee right back at you.)

  3. And I am raising my mug of tea! Yippeee!!