Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Winter's Perspective

A seasonal palette. Thankful for the hanging on beech and oak leaves to add a bit of warmth to the otherwise violet shadows and blue skies and spotty greens of southeastern Massachusetts.

With the threat of another storm soon to arrive, today was ice dam (transposed works just as well) day. Pulling snow from roof edges and gutters. Calcium chloride on top of that. I thought I might climb upon the roof and trim some weight. Alas, the ladders are buried under ice and snow. Good excuse. ;-)

Days after the storm, snow pointing northeast still sticks to trees.


  1. Oh yes, ice dams... we spent the day doing the same thing after we had a stream of water flowing out of the light fixture in our new pantry- then we had to go back to our little lake house to deal with our usual ice dams there, with my husband roof raking from below while a friend of ours earned a bit of pocket money by climbing up on the roof to shovel and carefully chip at the ice while I was inside mopping and setting out buckets under the drips and leaks. We can hardly wait for Wednesday's predicted foot and a half more of snow!
    ~ gretchen

  2. Lucky you... Two houses to contend with. Hope you guys are all set.

    It seemed like today that every few hours the predicted snowfall was increasing. I don't know where all this stuff is going to go...