Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Pull Of Technology

I made it! I'm all Apple! I picked up a MacBook Air today. In fact, I'm posting from it. At less than three pounds, this is truly a laptop.

Everything is wireless. Both Macs are talking to each other. Adobe software installed and registered on both machines.

Now it's back to the art.


  1. congratulations ... you are one of 'us', now!
    I learned on an apple and truthfully, it's all I know (or wanted to know). Put me in front of a PC and I'm lost; not that I always know where I'm going on my mac, but the journey is oh so more pleasant!
    ~ gretchen

  2. Thanks, Gretchen!

    Coming from PC's and Microsoft since the days of DOS, it was actually an easy transition.

    The multi-finger actions on this finger pad are pretty cool. What a "discovery" when I found the two-finger scroll! :-)

  3. Yes, the two finger scroll is great- and if you spread your two fingers apart while still on the pad, you can control the size of the text/image, as well.

  4. Cool! And then there's the rotate as well. I'm getting the hang of all this...