Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Playing Around

I figured that a break from the rosemary was in order, so I played around with acrylic glazes. The medium is so completely different for me. I feel clumsy! This is all good though because as I go from medium to medium, I gain an appreciation of each.

For instance, coming back to watercolor after weeks of mixing dry pigment and egg yolk left me with a real appreciation of the qualities of each watercolor pigment. I can better feel the pigment grain size, how it settles into the watercolor paper fibers. Staining versus non-staining is suddenly a glaringly obvious property. Noticing how quickly pigment settles out of a bowl of wash, which pigments need more attentive stirring, can be appreciated for what it is, rather that some kind of annoyance. I've been working under my 4x Optivisor, able to see the fibers lift up when wet and settle back down as the moisture wicks away and evaporates.

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