Monday, January 24, 2011

A Start on Notan Exercise 3

There is a lot of setup work for this exercise. First is to cut out three black strips 3x10". Fold each in half lengthwise. Create a design and apply and cutout to each strip. I went astray while trying to cut out all three strips at once without any kind of mechanism to keep the registration. That's why the third strip is missing! It's late so tomorrow I'll make up a new third and continue on.

It just strikes me now that this exercise might lend itself well to a Photoshop implementation. But still, there is probably something to be said for the real hands on experience.


  1. No! Don't give into photoshop- you are so correct! Hands on experience is the way to go. Even with the seemingly simplest of exercises, to use the senses of touch and sight will bring a level of understanding that cannot be replicated by staring at a screen. You might not even be aware of this at the time but it can influence and enrich future endeavors unconsciously.
    ~ gretchen

  2. Ya, I just wanted to whine a bit. :-)