Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Plans

Not really resolutions, but I do have some plans for this year:

Switch my systems and software to Apple. Today I picked up a 27" i3 iMac. What a cool machine! It's bigger than my television! :-) Of course, I'm brand new to Mac so there's a learning curve ahead for me.

Music. Part of the iMac move is to restart my computer-based recording studio. More on this soon. There may be a blog for these adventures.

Show art work. The nearest plan is something for the flower show in March.

Two weeks of classes with Koo Schadler. I've been in correspondence with her and I plan to register soon.

If all holds well, retirement in the fall!

Oh, there are so many details in these simple sentences. More on all this as things develop. But for now, it's time to get back to my rosemary work.


  1. Huge, exciting plans! I like 'em all. Good luck with everything--and be sure to consult with Bob about the Mac.

  2. Thanks, Mary! It was great seeing you and Bob. :-)

  3. Yes, Flower Show exhibiting! Love your rosemary. Joyce

  4. Ah Joyce, ever my coach! :-) You are so appreciated! Thank you.

  5. What wonderful plans- and retirement, too!?!? Oh happy happy, joy joy!
    and welcome to the world of apple!
    May 2011 prove to be your best year yet!
    ~ gretchen

  6. Thanks, Gretchen! Ya, this could be one fun year!
    Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year John-what adventures it holds for you!