Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I hope my New England readers are all safe and sound. About a foot here, some it very heavy. I am sore! I was lucky to keep power but lost internet for most of the day.

There was some progress on the rosemary. More on that in the next post.


  1. 19 inches here in the Upper Valley!
    I have been entertained of late with a rather large flock (30 or so) of snow buntings who have been flitting around our house and the fields. I had never seen them before and at first thought them to be purple finches in their winter plumage- but something didn't quite add up. It took me over a week to positively ID them, running from window to window with binoculars and scattering my bird books in my wake- I was thrilled to learn that they are indeed snow buntings, a rather rare bird for these parts. They are often called "snowflakes" and they really do look like them when they rise up and the flock begins to swirl- the light catches their bright white undersides and they really do look like big fat snowflakes!
    Now if I can just get them to cooperate for a decent photo for my journal ... :-)
    ~ gretchen

  2. Hope you folk are keeping warm and staying safe.

  3. Wow Gretchen, that's a lotta snow!

    How interesting...I'd never heard of snow buntings. What beautiful birds! Varied colorations. The white seems to be so intensely white. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  4. Thanks Judith! Warm and safe here. Just a bit sore though... I have promised myself a snowblower by next winter! :-)