Thursday, January 27, 2011

Will It Ever Stop?

About a foot of new and heavy snow arrived overnight. All dug out and the feeders are full.


  1. It's has been quite the winter so far, hasn't it? Ah, only two more months to go! Nice shots- I miss my birdfeeders; we have no trees close enough to the new house to make feeding worthwhile but I have been scattering seed on the snow's surface for the buntings which seems to be the only birds we've had other than massive flocks of turkeys ( 50+ at a time!). Although, two days ago, a lone mourning dove arrived on our deck- usually they don't arrive until very late in the winter season as sort of a harbinger of spring; hope he's OK!
    ~ gretchen

  2. I've promised myself a snowblower for next year. :-)

    There are many House Finches around this winter, way more than ever. Wonder why...

    The turkeys... that must be wild! Around here I rarely see more than a few together, if at all.