Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Closer To Notan?

Well, I think this is marginally closer to balanced than yesterday's image. My registration faults become more obvious, to the point of distraction. Hmm...

A couple of points on one of the book examples might shed some light here:

 "The white area has the quality of thingness and reality for two reasons: it combines convex forms with the threat of a pincer-like movement."

Ouch! Cool, eh?


  1. Amazing how just a slight adjustment can make such a huge difference... when I first saw it, I definitely saw the white first, but after a few seconds, it looked perfectly balanced to me. This was not the case with the previous arrangement where the white dominated 100% of the time no matter how long I stared at it. I'm thinking though that maybe because I KNEW to look for the white this time around, that my brain automatically allowed the white to dominate at first?
    I wonder if it would help you to look at this composition horizontally- to give you fresh eyes- I tried it and I think this composition really does achieve 'notan'.
    ~ gretchen

  2. Very cool, Gretchen.

    More to come...