Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kremer Pigments

My Kremer Pigments order is in. This company pleases me to no end. Orders come in quickly and complete. So, I have found a home with Kremer.

Here is a nice range of bright colors. Tonight I'll try out the Thalo Blue on my blue jay. If that's not the ticket, I'll order up a bit of Cerulean blue pigment.

Many of Kremer's pigments come in bags, especially when ordering in the 50 to 100 gram sizes. Oftentimes, pigments are offered in various grinds. The Verona Green Earth very fine ranges from 0-80 μ. Standard has a particle size of 0-120 μ. By way of reference, those synthetic organic pigments above range from 0.1-5 μ. Tiny!


  1. These colors are gorgeous- esp. that blue! (the 4th from the right). Sorry for my lack of comments of late- we have begun "the big move" and life will be a bit unsettled (as will my internet access) for the next couple of weeks. I hope to be back on track asap!

  2. I've only tried one pigment but it is so smooth. I love the tiny particle size.

    Whoa! Before long you will be working in your brand new and spacious atelier! :-)