Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Muller's View

Spooky Halloween trees, or dentritic patterns formed on the underside of the muller with my favorite yellow ochre?

In my early graphite days, modeled form didn't always follow the light source so now I must try to imagine light and shadow--an excellent learning exercise, I think. You may notice some real flips in shadow and highlight from last night's image.


  1. The paint impression on the muller is astonishing and beautifully photographed. It is like frost on windows.

  2. I ponder how I would capture in a painting the glowing property. It will be a good exercise.

  3. It is just like frost patterns. Fascinating and lovely how patterns intersect across Nature. And as Threadspider says, a very striking photograph! It would be a great challenge to paint.

    Meanwhile the colour and shading on the chestnut leaf have moved on so much. It's beautifully crispy, and the curls have come together. Amazing to think this came from a graphite drawing rather than from life.

  4. I am going to put the leaf on hold for a bit. Not sure how far to take it and it was really a study prior to going to vellum. Now I am thinking that I want more color for the vellum! :-) Still waiting for those new pigments to ship...