Thursday, November 11, 2010

Adding A Border

It's been a busy day at the kitchen table. There were pigments to grind and tubes and pans to fill. After all that, I caught a second wind and went back into the sky grading. And lastly, I dropped in a start on the border. I tried a sponge but don't really like the results--maybe some toothbrush splattering might be right. I would have tried that tonight except that, I'll admit it, I was too lazy to cut out the masking. :-)


  1. Incredible feeling of distance now. The framing is very effective in enhancing the sense of depth even more.
    Carolina earth heading east. Sounds amazing.:-)

  2. I had to do a double take on this one- I thought the border was a real frame until I read your text and realized you had painted it...WOW!
    ~ gretchen

  3. Ya Judith, I feel like I can fall right into it! :-)

  4. Hi Gretchen! Today I'll be spending time looking at stone and cement as I try to nail the look and feel.