Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sky 2 Continued

This is not easy! :-) I'm getting a bit of feeling for the gradation but clearly need a lot of practice!

I figured enough blue for now and pulled the tape, sponged in ochres for fallen leaves, and spread a gradated wash. The wash pigment is a brand new acquisition. The Kremer order arrived today with lots of cool stuff. More on all that later but the pigment in question is Jarosite, a lemon yellow ochre from Cyprus. It builds up a lovely glow of great transparency. It's very manageable with gradation. An instant favorite! :-)

Quoting from the Kremer catalog:

"Lemon Yellow Ochre is the clearest yellow ochre occurring naturally, without the deeper tone of French ochres. Because of the political situation of Cyprus the mining of this rare and beautiful earth has been neglected, but now a small amount of manual production is once again available. Other deposits of natural ochre of this clarity may exist, but the Cyprian Limonite has always been famous for its unique hue."

By the way, very reasonable at $15US for 100 grams.


  1. Despite the bit of struggle these last few days have held for your tempera painting, I think this piece already has life and sparkle! Love the names of some of these new pigments, too. I'm enjoying watching your progression, if only from the sidelines!
    ~ gretchen

  2. I think that later today I will try to smooth out the sky. It's funny, at this point I'm rather hesitant go on. Beyond some sky work, perhaps I could simply let it simmer for a bit?

    Pigments are so addictive! And, they are beginning to pile up! I must take some time to record all my bottles and bags and put out a proper color chart.

  3. The piece does have a life and light of its own already. It is a dilemma to know what to do-continue with the momentum or pause and catch your breath. Perhaps a short pause...?

  4. Maybe it is the sense of light that is unnerving me. I don't think I've ever before reached a place of light and luminosity with my painting. I find myself staring off into the distance of the horizon line.

    I will mull it over while grinding Carolina earth for paint heading to the UK. ;-)