Sunday, November 21, 2010

Slow Corn Continued

Experiments with black and white are helping to develop form although I do wonder if heavy black was introduced too quickly. Ah, the impatience at times... I'm learning that even with my limited set of pigments that many colors can be reached with simple overlays, especially when selectively applied. For instance, I won't wash over a kernel but only around the edges. Also, that a bit of white makes a fine highlight, as well as a great cover for mistakes.


  1. This is coming along so nicely! Last year I did a watercolor of some Indian corn only I jumped in over my head and put THREE cobs into my composition- what was I thinking?!?!? Unfortunately I am one of those people who need to complete one thing in order to move on to the next and I quite literally had to force myself to stop obsessing over every single kernel. As meditative as it was, nothing else was getting done in my life! The piece proved to be a turning point in how I work as I finally forced myself to put it aside for awhile to begin new projects and returned to it as one would do with a jigsaw puzzle, fitting in a few pieces (i.e. kernels) at a time.
    ~ gretchen

  2. I so know what you mean, Gretchen. I was questioning my choice soon after beginning. What helps is that I am calling this my exploratory piece, so I'm feeling free to experiment. I've been thinking about a triple ear composition and it will definitely be a side project. But first, there is still the husk to explore!

  3. I don't quite know how I missed this on Sunday-what a stunning image! I sure you have mentioned it, but is this on one of the gessoed boards?

  4. Yes, this is indeed on gesso, one of my new boards from

    I am enjoying this painting but it does take time. I see corn when I close my eyes. :-)