Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shaky Bird Post

I'm posting from my Droid X this evening as internet is failing via comcast. Then the big machine had trouble booting. Then the Droid locked up. Weird...

UPDATE: Thanks be for the Droid! I was able to confirm that the East Coast is down on a DNS issue. I was also able to find out that I could drop in Google's DNS ( and voila, my laptop is up and running and I can make a wireless jump to the big machine for images! I've always thought that I could use the smartphone as a blogging backup. It works, but is certainly less than optimal.

So here's a bit of work on the blue jay. I've been reading up on oil painting techniques and perhaps they might apply well with tempera. For instance, simply laying in large areas of color or even just tone. I tried a Gaussian Blur in Photoshop to take out details and see the overall patches of tonality. It's so interesting and exciting to open up to new ways of seeing and working a painting.


  1. Just catching up with you after a frantic few days-which look set to continue. I already feel I can touch the texture of the Blue Jay's feathers. It's beautiful, John.
    (We were lucky enough to spot Blue Jays when we were in Vermont back in October.)

  2. Thanks, Judith. Hope life soon comes back to normal for you. :-)