Friday, November 26, 2010

Odds and Ends

The remaining kernels painted in, some balancing between the ear and husk, a final sanding on the unpainted gesso to clean up spills, and my painting was ready for framing.

My tempera workflow continues to firm up. I like porcelain palettes, until now using mostly various sized and shaped plates from Pier 1 Imports. My new small welled palettes from DickBlick are proving perfect for my egg mixes. A bit of pigment, preferably from my new jars, placed into a well and mixed with egg is the starter. From there, bits of that mix can be dropped into other wells for thinning with water and/or adding Titanium White (held in the large center well) for lightening or opaqueness. The way these wells nestle the mixes leads to increased working time before the mixes coagulate and dry.

A couple of new books just arrived! Click on each image to link to a preview on Google Books.

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