Thursday, November 18, 2010


Although the sky/tree painting is still ongoing, I want to take some time away from it. Yesterday I hunted about the yard and then the produce section of the grocery but nothing jumped at me. Later I picked up a fresh dozen eggs at the local farm stand and came across some beautiful ears of corn!

I took a shortcut by photographing, processing in Photoshop, taping tracing paper to the LCD on the laptop, tracing, and transferring to a gesso panel. The yellow is dropped in for placement guidelines.

This yellow is a cadmium--so smooth, so grit-free. That is not so for all my pigments and I'm pondering how to handle rougher pigments. Can I mull them to the smoothness I want for this painting? Will I need to search out finely ground pigments?


  1. This is already breath taking, John.
    We grew assorted varigated corn at the farm this year. I became fascinated with the color and sheen. Even the texture of the shucks.
    To capture it so well in paint would be wonderful.

  2. Thanks, Margaret. The variety of colors is greater than I originally imagined. This is going to be one fun piece!